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So today I entered in the Covergirl Hunger Games makeup competition. I did district four, fishing. I think it turned out pretty neat. 

May the odds be ever in your favor and whatnot. 

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Anonymous Asked: Hi! I was wondering if you would post a tutorial of some sort on how you made the transfers you just put up photos of? I like to do effects as a hobby and yours were just amazing and I have no clue how to do them and YouTube isn't much help. I'm sorry if this request is out of line, I just wanted to see how you did it. Thank you so much for reading this in any case. Please and thank you.

I can work on that… but honestly I’m poor and can’t afford the supplies right now to recreate what I did just for a video. I’m sorry but I would be happy to write you out some basic instructions and a shopping list if you wanted. 

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Pros-aide transfers I made. 

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Marisa Thalman | Wix.com

Well hey there everyone this is my official website please check it out and tell your friends :D

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This is my display bust from last semester. I basically took a bat and an iguana and mutated them together. I did everything myself

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Super sculpy sculpt I did in second semester. I based her character in a world where nature is at war with industry, she is a rogue altitude specialist. 

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Sculpted some ears to go with my silicone appliance. They are not the best molds in the world but I tried to work with them.

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Been super busy lately sculpting some transfer appliances that I will hopefully get to mold on Monday. So excited for the future :D

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These are some pictures from the mold I made in class today for my first silicone appliance. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. More pictures when I get the inside really cleaned out. 

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This is the unedited grease makeup I did for my profile picture.

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